International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.


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frequently asked questions (faq)



Before you contact ICAACT, be sure to read this section of the page.

Our priority is to end this once and for all on a global basis.

It is important to understand that our objective is to work for the entire community of present and future of these types of crimes rather than for individual victims. These crimes can only be stopped with the combined effort of individual victims and the collaboration between the different victim communities and organizations.

Please consider this when you enter into the ICAACT testing. This has to be about every victim and those to come in the future rather than a selfish act of self-preservation.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why doesn’t ICAACT respond to my email?

Q2: Should I send my story to ICAACT?

Q3: Why get scanned by ICAACT?

Q4: How long does a RF scan take to do?

Q5: When will I get my RF scanning results?

Q6: What is the purpose of getting a RF-scan from ICAACT?

Q7: What type of medical imagery do I need to get?

Q8: Can ICAACT organize medical imaging (X ray, CT-Scan, MRI-scan etc) for me?

Q9: Do you have a list of doctors that can remove my implants?

Q10: Can ICAACT help me financially?

Q11: Can all implant types be removed from the body?

Q12: Does a RF scan show emissions of all foreign body in me?

Q13: Will my targeting effects go away if my foreign body implants are removed?

Q14: Can ICAACT travel to me, to give a RF scan?

Q15: Does the ICAACT RF scan pick up all frequency bands?

Q16: How can I block the effects of the induced auditory effects & targeting?

Q17: Can an MRI scan burn me if I’m implanted?

Q18: Can ICAACT organize a good lawyer for me?

Q19: Why haven’t the government officials been honest with us about these horrific effects and uses of implants?

Q20: Why was I chosen to become a victim these crimes?

Q21: What can I do to help ICAACT?


A1: ICAACT's priority is to help victims with RF-scans and evidence. When an email is sent to ICAACT with requests that don’t match ICAACT's priority, victims might have to wait for an answer. It’s important to carefully read the contents of the web-page and the FAQ-section before you send an e-mail.


A2: Everybody involved in ICAACT deeply cares about victims and their experience. However, the story of the victim is just a piece in the whole experience of being victimized. When getting the RF-scans, victims will have to fill in a form where they can talk about their victimization and symptoms. The individual story will be linked up with other information, like the spots on the body where the victim emits RF in order to enhance our understanding about how different elements of the targeting correlate. Sending your individual story to ICAACT isn’t wrong but is better to be given at the time of your RF scanning. If you do feel like sharing your experiences with other victims in order to make sense of it and have people who listen for therapeutical reasons, you should rather get in touch with a group of victims on FaceBook or elsewhere on the Internet (see our web-link page for the different online communities or community based organizations in your country or region).


A3: There are several reasons to choose ICAACT for a RF-scan. First of all, it’s free to get a scan. Second, the people involved in ICAACT are trained for this purpose by a knowledgeable person with a technical background. Third, you receive a written confirmation from ICAACT of the scanning, if the result is positive, meaning if we find Radio frequency emitting from your body.


A4: A RF-scan takes usually around 20-30 minutes, and the same for our questionnaire etc.


A5: Depending on the work load, it can take all from a few weeks to several months.


A6: With a RF-scan you can find the locations of your possible foreign bodies that emits the RF signal. However when we do a RF-scan we don’t claim to have found an implant, but rather that a victim emits radio frequencies from certain locations on the body.


A7: Larger foreign bodies can be seen on normal scans, like MRI- and CAT-scans. Some implants can be found on normal x-rays. However the new Biological- Organic- Nano-implants types require a scan that can see at the molecular level. These are not yet available in common hospitals and medical facilities.


A8: No. Arranging medical imaging for yourself is your own responsibility. ICAACT can help you find the areas of your body where you emit Radio Frequency pointing to the possibility that there could be a foreign body there.


A9: No. All people involved in ICAACT live all over the globe. We can’t help the victim remove their implants, neither do we finance it.


A10: We sponsor all activities with our own money personally. We don’t have the extra funds to finance victims.


A11: Judging from other victims' experiences, not all foreign bodies can be removed. At times it can also be difficult to find a surgeon that would like to help. Having the evidence is still good for victims collectively.


A12: No. A RF scan can only detect an active broadcast signal. There are many types of implants on the market. Some are INERT, meaning they don’t have broadcast capabilities at all and therefore can’t be detected with RF scanners. Some implant types are PASSIVE they need an external EM signal (Electromagnetic) to power up and transmit their signal. We can't detect those as we don’t have an EM generator. We might be able to include this in future scanning. Other types are INTERMIDIARY; this means they only transmit a signal in specific timed intervals (example: 2 minutes a day, at midnight) outside this narrow broadcast time window, we can not detect those. And the last type is called ACTIVE; they transmit a radio signal continuously. If the transmitting frequency falls into the frequency range that our equipment can detect - we can detect those types of implant.


A13: That’s a question that we at ICAACT also ask ourselves about. There aren’t many experts in this area and too few victims have been able to remove several implants from their bodies. From a couple of cases that have had implants removed, we have known that the targeting does not stop. However those removed implants are an important first step, because they are irrefutable evidence (the smoking gun).


A14: NO. ICAACT organizes RF-scans once in a while in an area that will be announced on the home page. ICAACT doesn’t visit victims that live far away for the sake of scanning one single victim.


A15:No. Our main scanning device works in the frequency area of 1Mhz to 6Ghz, but we are currently looking for equipment that will extend our scanning range in respect to the frequency range.


A16: We are not currently aware of technical devices or shielding that can be acquired on the open marked that can block induced auditory effects. The best thing to do is to do anything to improve your health. Being victimized and coping with it, is a process. Eat plenty of healthy foods, exercise, do yoga, meditate. Another tip would be to minimize the impact of the NLP programming that usually goes along with the induced auditory effects, by listening to audio books, on mp3 player or smart phones (it takes practice to concentrate on the content, but it is possible). Engaging in conversations and working/concentrating on a specific work task can also be used to shift the attention away from the induced auditory effects and its psychological impairing effects.


A17: Read: From FDA - A Primer on Medical Device Interactions with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems (Section 3.0 – Hazards - writes about burns due to image frequency).
Read more here...


A18: We hope to get enough evidence to actually start a court case. There are available lawyers that might be able to help us collectively when we’ve gathered enough credible indisputable evidence. However, ICAACT doesn’t organize good lawyers to individual victims.


A19:Scientists are often silenced under the Official Secrecy Act. Newspaper article Canadian government is 'muzzling its scientists' could illuminate this issue. Read it here...


A20: Victims might have been chosen for many reasons that we don’t know of yet. Very few victims have any idea about why they might have been chosen.


A21: Spread the word and don’t be to shy to share information about us with the world. See flyers/videos on our home page. You are also welcome to help victims if you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a specialist in some technical area that can help us with the evidence, a human rights organization, a politician who sympathize with our issue, or a media person.

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