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The Race for the Brain - Norwegian Sem-Jacobsen's Brain Research

The Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” made claims of human research involving brain electrode implants in the 60's, funded by the U.S. Defense Department and the CIA.

Nearly ten years later, on 22 November 2000, State television channel TV2, broadcasted a program titled "The race is on the brain." This program made a number of claims related to Sem-Jacobsen's research at Gaustad Hospital. Journalists Gerhard Helskog and Kjell Persen, who were responsible for the program, developed a methodology report for this program. This report summarizes the program's conclusions as follows:

"Defenseless people had opened their heads. Not because they would get treatment, but because they were involuntarily or unknowingly drawn into an experiment on behavior control. These types of experiments are probably unprecedented in a scientific historical context. "

  • "The reason Norwegians  where used was no less surprising: In Norway, the patients’ rights where so weak that U.S. authorities risked less legal trouble if they used the Norwegians in their experiments, than if they used American citizens."

  • "It went so far that Norway conducted experiments on human beings that elsewhere in the Western world only had been done on animals."

  • "The money transferred from the United States was placed on foreign accounts in violation of foreign exchange regulations. Gerhardsen government had an active role in paving the way for this research."

  • "The link to the Norwegian military was striking."

  • "And again, it looked as if it was CIA who benefited from the experiments."

The Commission would point out that the allegations made in the television program are not formulated in quite the same way as in the method report. The allegations in the TV program appear as milder in form.

After the revelations made in this documentary, the Norwegian government created a special Commission to investigate the claim made.

Investigation of allegations of unethical medical research on humans

Link to The Norwegian Government’s official website with the commission’s findings:

The report is in Norwegian, use Google translate to get it in English.

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