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Here are a series of articles by Robert Naeslund published about a topic that has been developed in secrecy, and that is known almost only by those involved and their victims.

The Brain Project

An article series by Robert Naeslund

The Brain Subject and the Author of the Articles

By Robert Naeslund, 2013

Robert NaeslundHere is the first of a series of articles to be published about a topic that has been developed in secrecy, and that is known almost only by those involved and their victims. The issue is modern brain research, involving medical abuses and doctors' misuse of their patients for critical experimentation. It’s about scientific progress and the price that many people had to pay even though they never accepted to involve themselves, in being unwitting or unwilling participants for a life time in remotely controlled brain experiments.

My name is Robert Naeslund and the issue to be covered is in many ways one with my life, but in different aspects during varied times. From being a victim with personal experiences, I liberated myself and started to research the topic, wrote a book, made reports, articles and lectured on this hidden agenda to open up a public debate.

The following articles are not addressing my case in particular, but the subject as a whole. For me it all began in my youth, at Stockholm’s South Hospital (Södersjukhuset) when I was admitted for an operation. The surgeon implanted electrodes in my brain without my knowing and after that I was used for brain experimentation which went on for many years. I had no understanding of what I was exposed to, but discovering the reality I began trying to prove it. No doctors in Sweden would help me. Later I came into contact with the Swedish-
American Professor Petter Aron Lindstrom at the University of California who helped me in many ways, together with other doctors at that university. He was
the first one who confirmed the presence of implants in my brain. (Part of his letter beside.)

From that time I gained support from several leading people in Sweden, both within media and legal sectors. Magazines wrote about my case, electronic companies detected the frequencies broadcasted from the Defense Department's Radio Station, the Red Cross took action and the Chairman of the Supreme Governmental Court, Gustav Petrén contributed by finding a hospital abroad. Swedish doctors did everything they could to prevent my case from being exposed and even contacted psychiatrists who told me that if I continued with my activities, I would be declared mentally ill. Professors at the famous University Hospital, Karolinska Sjukhuset in Stockholm, contacted Dr Lindstrom and tried to stop his help to me. Several other leading medical doctors acted against me, only with the intention to prevent any disclosures of the crimes they
themselves were committing. The government became involved, but was only interested in covering my case. For those who want to know more about this subject, which represents a scary issue for all people when about becoming a
patient at any hospital, risks of being implanted and exploited by the biomedical researchers - watch my lecture:

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