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Here is more information in regard to Mr. Magnus Olsson.

Lecture in Swedish by Magnus Olsson


Magnus Olsson's Lecture, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2012

Part 1. Featuring Henning Witte

Part 2. Featuring Magnus' Mother Elisabeth

Magnus Olsson's webpage

- MindTech Sweden - 

Magnus Olsson about RF-Testing Phase III, Brussels

Harvard Educated man's radio frequency scan in london

Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson lives in Sweden and furthered his education at Harvard University. He was scanned in Croydon, London, (April 2012) together with other victims of electronic terrorism, mainly coming from the UK but also from other European Countries.

Mr. Olsson is one of our biggest activists against non-consensual implantation. The scanning of Magnus Olsson also showed one of the strongest RF-emissions ever encountered among victims of electronic terrorism.


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