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Lecture on History of Remote Influencing Technologies: Lars Drudgaard

Dr. John Hall’s book to become movie

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”
-- Quote from Gladiator

Jesse Beltran and Lars DrudgaardWhen Dr. John Hall wrote the book “A new Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America”, information about the technologies and techniques for remote influencing, where basically unknown to most people. The case of one individual – a woman that Dr. John Hall knew – was used in the book to illustrate the daily horror, harassment and torture that many people in our world today have to experience. These people are the victims of a new form of worldwide terrorism – an endless orgy of abuse and torture; People who could have lived happy healthy existences, but whose lives have been ruthlessly destroyed without warning or a good reason. Worst of all: there is nowhere to run! This world becomes because of this remote technology the victim’s prison: A prison without walls or bars, yet inescapable.

Convincing a large majority of people of a phenomenon that is real but that cannot be seen is a great challenge.  And what societal means can one use to spread a message that cannot be put in words but that only experienced can be fully understood?

You read the headline of this article! Dr. John Hall’s book is going to become a movie.

Movies are not just entertainment. Over decades movies have been used as one of the most powerful tools in bringing about social change and promoting new ethical value systems by taking the spectator into the subjective and often complicated realms of the underprivileged and the unheard. In this way, movies have been a tool for reaching goals that have to do with social justice by promoting social responsibility, values and ethics.

Unfortunately, in movies, given their influence, remote influencing technologies and microchips, those tools that plague victims of the cause ICAACT represents, often fall into the genre of science fiction. Nonetheless, as mirrors of what’s going on in society at a particular time, these films play their role and do their job. As historical evidence, films show the attitudes of the time regarding social issues.

For Dr. John Hall, making a movie based on a real life event means doing all of that: changing attitudes in society, reflecting a very important matter and making history.

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