International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.


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Some interviews with people at Open Mind Conference 2012, Denmark.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir at the Open Mind Conference 2012, Skanderborg Denmark.

Ian R Crane at the Open Mind Conference 2012, Skanderborg Denmark.



Lars Drudgaard to be one of the speakers at Open Mind Conference, Skanderborg, Denmark


ICAACT's European Regional Director Lars Drudgaard has been invited to participate as one of the speakers at the Open Mind Conference 2012 in Skandeborg, Denmak, September 20-22.

His lecture will be about The History of Remote Influencing and the forming and purpose of ICAACT.

A number of highly-esteemed lecturers will be providing their services free of charge at the conference. These include Barrie Trower, Bill Still, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Carsten Vagn-Hansen, Desireé Röver, Frank Rasmussen, Ian Crane, Niels Harrit, Rasmus Foldbjerg, Terry Boardman and Vithus Hartz. All of the lectures will be held in English.

The scope of the Open Mind Conference in Denmark is broad. It is about trying to answer questions about many different types of topics, regarding health and environment, econonomics, culture and politics. Some of the topics might be regarded as "controversial" and therefore Lars Drudgaard will be speaking amonst other courageous individuals that want to see humanity live in a better world.

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