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ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.


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WARNING against Solicitation of Funds disguised as law suit

ICAACT and its leadership, wants to strongly, distance itself from the proposed lawsuit by the organization “The Federation”, under  the leadership of Greg Gamache.

ICAACT strongly believes that the lawsuit proposed by Greg Gamache through the Federation is a scam to elicit funds from people who are already victimized.

There are many indications that Greg is an outsider, with no real knowledge of the Victim community.

It came to our attention that Federation had been using several names of people in the ICAACT leadership, and others in the community, without even asking or discussing his project with them prior. When confronted with this, he plainly stated that he intended to use the credibility of several individuals in the community, to gain trust in his project.  We have spoken to Magnus Olsson and he has stated on the record that he does not support the use of his name in this scheme.  We have asked that all names associated with ICAACT leadership and members be removed from any publications associated with Greg Gamache.

The ICAACT leadership and other victims have been offered the potential opportunity to earn $3.000.00  monthly payments, just to be able to use our names to gain trust for his project within the community. We do not condone this type of activity.  Nor do we want to be associated with this type of activity.  We have come into possession of a conference call that involved Mr. Gamache that was in a documented format.  This clearly stated his intentional misrepresentation of the circumstances and his intent to mislead those who are being victimized.

Greg claims that there are around 35,000 victims on FaceBook, and he plans on getting more than 20,000 victims to contribute more funds in his plan.  He does not seem to realize that most victims have been deliberately impoverished by system.

Furthermore, ICAACT and its leadership wants to distance itself from any type of out of court settlements.

Throughout history  we know its tempting for torture victims to sign any document that could potentially free them from the torture, but the systematic torture of thousands of people around the globe is by any standard crimes against humanity. Out of court settlements would leave this atrocious system intact, and open for thousands of new victims to fall prey to this type of torture.

We believe that it is of the greatest importance to get the entire system exposed, and the people running it and those behind the establishing of it convicted for their crimes against humanity, war crimes and treason etc.


Jesse Beltran                                                                      Lars Drudgaard

President, ICAACT.ORG                                     European Regional Director

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